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Sigvaris Soft Opaque - 20-30 mmHg Calf Knee High Compression Stockings 842C

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SKU 842C
Manufacturer Sigvaris
Brand Sigvaris
series 840
Compression Line Style
Compression Level 15-20 mmHg
Compression Style Calf
Compression Model Soft Opaque
Configurable Children 842CLLO35, 842CLLO99, 842CLLW09, 842CLLW35, 842CLLW40, 842CLLW51, 842CLLW60, 842CLLW68, 842CLLW83, 842CLLW89, 842CLLW91, 842CLLW92, 842CLLW99, 842CLLW99/S, 842CLSO35, 842CLSO99, 842CLSW09, 842CLSW35, 842CLSW40, 842CLSW51, 842CLSW60, 842CLSW68, 842CLSW83, 842CLSW89, 842CLSW91, 842CLSW92, 842CLSW99, 842CLSW99/S, 842CMLO35, 842CMLO99, 842CMLW09, 842CMLW35, 842CMLW40, 842CMLW51, 842CMLW60, 842CMLW68, 842CMLW83, 842CMLW89, 842CMLW91, 842CMLW92, 842CMLW99, 842CMLW99/S, 842CMSO35, 842CMSO99, 842CMSW09, 842CMSW35, 842CMSW40, 842CMSW51, 842CMSW60, 842CMSW68, 842CMSW83, 842CMSW89, 842CMSW91, 842CMSW92, 842CMSW99, 842CMSW99/S, 842CSLO35, 842CSLO99, 842CSLW09, 842CSLW35, 842CSLW40, 842CSLW51, 842CSLW60, 842CSLW68, 842CSLW83, 842CSLW89, 842CSLW91, 842CSLW92, 842CSLW99, 842CSLW99/S, 842CSSO35, 842CSSO99, 842CSSW09, 842CSSW35, 842CSSW40, 842CSSW51, 842CSSW60, 842CSSW68, 842CSSW83, 842CSSW89, 842CSSW91, 842CSSW92, 842CSSW99, 842CSSW99/S
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